My practice as a visual artist is focused on creating bridges - physical or symbolic - between individuals and / or communities; that have different cultures and geographic spaces. My work has transversal axes as: marginality, exclusion and invisibility. These are related to deep issues such as: migration, racism and particularly the historical memory associated with the internal armed conflict in Peru (1980 - 2000), which I have been developing for two years, creating a Memory Space with a specific community.

Formally, my work is in macro or micro scale; and for specific sites. My practice can be individual as well as collective. I believe in co-creation processes, as an individual, I am part of the collective artist group FIBRA ( ) and as part of the community, we made a Memory Space with the people of Hualla in Ayacucho, Peru; and with nature, a project with Ostra mushrooms – bio materials.


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At 713 kilometers from here Installation
work in progress

At 713 kilometers from here is a body of work that takes as a starting point the construction of Memory space Chimpapampa. Its goal is to awaken empathy and to make a bridge between citizens of Lima and their cocitizens of Hualla, Ayacucho, since during the period of internal political violence (1980-2000) Lima was indifferent to the tragedy that other regions were living through.

This project is formed by different kinds of pieces, utilizing elements such as soil and a variety of flowers collected at the former military base Chimpapampa, using the concept of the objects as a witness.


"In the field in front" (2019) was made with traditional Ayacucho embroidery. It is important to know that this only region represents 40% of the dead and missing people of the period of violence in Peru (1980-2000). The image is a cartography of the community of Hualla, Ayacucho, on which a flowers has been embroidered, which indicates a burial ground. Inside each flower, there are dry flowers collected in the former military base Chimpapampa.

"Everybody is soil" (2017) is a piece that was made with 700 blocks of earth. Each one has engraved name or surname of a direct victim of the period of violence in Peru (1980-2000) in the community of Hualla, Ayacucho.
Since a fullname is related to the identity of a specific person, I decided to use only the name or surname of the direct victims, so that in the imaginary of the viewers there can be a link to somebody with the same name or surname in their circle. Through the interacting with the piece, viewers can connect and unleash stories of their own lives.

"Commemoration" (2017) is a drawing in charcoal, which was released on the wall and then extracted from it.
Walls of different spaces are invisible viewers of daily life. In some way, the drawing contains this testimony: Some traces of the paint of the wall as a register of time and memory.
This image is related with commemoration of the dead and it is typical in Hualla, Ayacucho.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo