My practice as a visual artist is focused on creating bridges - physical or symbolic - between individuals and / or communities; that have different cultures and geographic spaces. My work has transversal axes as: marginality, exclusion and invisibility. These are related to deep issues such as: migration, racism and particularly the historical memory associated with the internal armed conflict in Peru (1980 - 2000), which I have been developing for two years, creating a Memory Space with a specific community.

Formally, my work is in macro or micro scale; and for specific sites. My practice can be individual as well as collective. I believe in co-creation processes, as an individual, I am part of the collective artist group FIBRA ( ) and as part of the community, we made a Memory Space with the people of Hualla in Ayacucho, Peru; and with nature, a project with Ostra mushrooms – bio materials.


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Peripheral Project Installation
Ex-culpable Galery

Taking place in urban geography and the national imaginary as the site irredeemable migration from the countryside to the city, the peripheral is to scrutinize and confronted here from a particular proposal, which links the drawing / collage intimate and reflective about migratory paths, the testimony of life from a small family bakery , its employees and their inputs, the performative tour of a cardboard house for the city, and the curious look on daily activities in such environment in which boundaries of the city are confused with those of a land broken up what we observe and define next to us.

Rodrigo Quijano

Gabriela Flores del Pozo