My practice as a visual artist is focused on creating bridges - physical or symbolic - between individuals and / or communities; that have different cultures and geographic spaces. My work has transversal axes as: marginality, exclusion and invisibility. These are related to deep issues such as: migration, racism and particularly the historical memory associated with the internal armed conflict in Peru (1980 - 2000), which I have been developing for two years, creating a Memory Space with a specific community.

Formally, my work is in macro or micro scale; and for specific sites. My practice can be individual as well as collective. I believe in co-creation processes, as an individual, I am part of the collective artist group FIBRA ( ) and as part of the community, we made a Memory Space with the people of Hualla in Ayacucho, Peru; and with nature, a project with Ostra mushrooms – bio materials.


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Imagine 69 280 crosses I Acction
Plaza Mayor de Lima

Action on the IX anniversary of “Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación” (CVR) report. We brought close visually the amount of dead and missing people (69 280) we had in the armed conflict in Peru (1980-2000).
For this distributed torches shaped crosses people participating in the walk, becoming a cemetery that moves through the city: crosses and dead representations are carried.

Gabriela Flores del Pozo